Terms and conditions of the activities

What nature activities are on offer?

Our company provides nature tourism services mainly on the island of Tenerife, although our scope of work covers the entire archipelago of the Canary Islands. If you wish to enjoy the island´s nature in an entertaining manner then El Cardon NaturExperience is the company for you. We provide the following direct services: Hiking (Teide,  Anaga, Teno and south of the island), descending the Masca canyon, climbing Teide, traditional, cultural, wine, bird watching, and astronomy routes, family trips, adapted for the disabled…, visits to lava tubes, sea kayaking,, mountain and electric bike routesclimbing, multi-adventure activities, summer camps, environmental education for schoolchildren, end of course tripscorporate incentives and much more … We are also tourism brokers (I-0002378.2) and market other complementary activities with totally trustworthy companies and clubs we basically regard as a extension of our company: Flights in two-seater paraglidersscuba diving baptisms and dives, whale watching

Furthermore, we conduct other tailor-made group-oriented activities. The specific services involving climbing in a natural environment, bird watching and caving and can be hired from € 150.

Which activities are conducted on fixed dates?

We have a fixed schedule, however if you form a group you can choose the day of the activity.

Can I register by myself or do I need to form a group?

You can register by yourself as there is no need to form a group.

An individual, a couple, a small group or a family can register for our fixed activities:

  • Daily: flights in two-seater paragliders, scuba diving baptisms and dives, whale watching and electric and mountain bicycle hire.
  • Thursdays: the Masca canyon.
  • Fridays (May – June): the stars hiking route.
  • Saturdays: the traditions route.
  • Sundays (May – June): sea kayaking

* Some of these activities require a minimum number of people or are subject to a minimum cost per activity (see the description of each activity).

You can also book our exclusive Deluxe Routes: The Teno & Isla Baja volcano experience, a trip to the world of volcanoes on El Teide and the route through the mountains of Anaga.

Which other activities do you provide for groups?

If you are in a group of at least 5 people you can book the aforementioned activities and many more (practically everything you can do involving the island´s nature) on the date you want. Moreover, we do not charge the organiser of groups of over 15 people, in addition to presenting him/her with a gift.

Are the activities geared to everyone? Can children and elderly people participate?

We recommend you always pay attention to the level of difficulty specified in the information on each activity and register for those you feel you are capable of doing. There are three levels of difficulty: Low * Medium ** and High ***. It is hard to establish a minimum or maximum age limit. As a general rule we recommend the youngest and oldest participants choose activities with a level of difficulty classified as Low *. As such, we advise you to consult us directly and to be aware that all our activities require a firm and safe step and a normal state of health, and participants need to know how to swim for water-based activities.

Is transport provided for the activities?

This depends on each activity. We normally provide the option of booking with or without transport, the latter being cheaper. In the event the activity involves transport the service is provided with the company´s specialised vehicles or specialised companies in the sector are hired to provide this service. In the event no transport is provided for the activity our company shall not be held liable for travel en route to our activities, particularly on hazardous stretches of road in the mountains and the roads leading to Masca, Teno Alto, Punta de Teno, etc.

What do I need to bring to the activities?

For hiking: suitable trousers (detachable, tracksuit or similar), hiking boots (or trainers), warm clothing (a sweater and / or jacket, a woolly hat, a neckerchief or scarf), raincoat, cap, hiking poles, a camera, water, refreshments and a small backpack.

For sea kayaking: A bathing suit, sandals, a cap and sunscreen. You should leave all your remaining belongings in the car. We can guard your keys in a locked container in the dinghy.

For visits to lava tubes: suitable trousers (detachable, tracksuit or similar), hiking boots (or trainers), a sweater and / or jacket, a camera, water, refreshments and a small backpack. We will provide a helmet, gloves and a headlamp.

For electric bicycle routes: cycling shorts (or normal shorts), a jersey (or t-shirt), trainers, a sweater and / or jacket, camera, water, refreshments and a small backpack.

For scuba diving: You may bring your own gear or ask us for the complete equipment (suit, vest, socks, mask, snorkel, flippers, weight belt, regulators and bottles).

For diving baptisms: We provide all the equipment (suit, vest, mask, snorkel, flippers, weight belt, regulators and bottles). All you need to bring is your bathing suit.

For flights in a two-seater paraglider: suitable trousers (detachable, tracksuit or similar), hiking boots (or trainers), plenty of warm clothing (sweater, windcheater, a woolly hat and a neckerchief or scarf), a camera and /or video camera.

What does the price for the activities include?

The services of qualified professionals, material for conducting the activity, safety equipment (first aid kits, mobile phones and radios), third-party liability insurance, accident insurance (optional), compliance with tourism, occupational risk prevention and data protection requirements and our Commitment to Quality.

Certain activities also include, at a different or additional cost: transport, accommodation, snacks, tasting of local products, displays of traditional activities and handicraft practices.

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How are the activities paid for?

Payment can be made directly online via PayPal or via bank transfer (in the case of the latter always via prior arrangement by telephone) to bank account nº ES43 3076 0050 16 2294253824 Cajasiete, account holder El Cardon.

What is the El Cardon Commitment to Quality?

If for some reason attributable to us the product does not match that offered / ordered and you are not satisfied we will reimburse your money.

What safety measures are taken in relation to the activities?

Our company takes all the necessary safety measures at the time of creating and conducting each activity. As such, skilled professionals are hired to conduct our activities; we possess third-party liability insurance to cover our professional work, we are up-to-date with regard to occupational risks, we use approved materials and safety equipment such as first-aid kits, mobile phones and radios. Furthermore, you may take out additional personal accident insurance for each activity (around € 2 per person).  Nevertheless, we should point out that our activities are conducted in the natural environment, which is sometimes unpredictable, and we may not be held liable for any extraordinary occurrences (particularly in places featuring rugged terrain such as the Masca canyon). 

Is it important to be punctual?

Yes, largely out of respect for the other participants. However, we always give a 10-minute leeway.

What happens in the event of bad weather or a major unforeseen event?

We will call you at the earliest possible opportunity to try and prevent you from travelling to the agreed upon place. If this is not possible the guide may modify the activity if he/she deems it suitable in conformity with the safety of the participants, proposing an alternative. If there is no alternative for the day in question another date will be scheduled for conducting the activity. Our company has no obligation to reimburse the money if the customer decides not to participate in the activity or rejects the alternative date. The money will be reimbursed in the event of definitive cancellation or when the customer is unable to participate in our alternative activities. If the activity is cancelled when already underway, we are not obliged to reimburse the payment of the same.

How do I register for an activity?

There are several ways:

  • Online registration via our website at www.elcardon.com (you can pay online via Paypal)
  • E-mailing us at info@elcardon.com
  • By telephone on 922 127 938 o 922 127 192
  • Visiting us in person at the Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf & Spa 5* Luxury Hotel

N.B: Payment can be made directly online via PayPal or via bank transfer (in the case of the latter always via prior arrangement by telephone) to bank account nº 3076 0050 16 2294253824 Cajasiete, account holder El Cardon.

What happens if I can´t participate or cancel the activity?

There will be no penalty if you cancel up to 2 days prior to the event. If the activity is cancelled:

  • In the final 48 hours we will retain 50% of the amount paid
  • In the final 24 hours we will retain 100% of the amount paid

Do you also provide accommodation?

Our company manages the Albergue de Bolico, a modern hostel strategically located in Teno (www.alberguebolico.com).

Photographs on the routes:

Our company takes photographs of our activities featuring our customers. These images belong to the company and are used as promotional material in different forms of media (posters, brochures, websites, social networks …). We reserve the right to use these images without having to notify our customers beforehand. If a customer does not wish to appear in the photographs or does not wish us to make use of his/her image we need to be informed prior to the start of each activity. A special case involves images featuring underage children, for which we always ask for permission prior to publishing the face of a minor.

What other services does El Cardon provide?

Our company provides numerous other services geared to the administrative authorities (the Government of the Canary Islands, District and Town Councils) in the fields of environmental education, the interpretation of heritage, environmental consultancy, equipment management, environmental training, etc.

Registering for any of our activities implies the awareness and ACCEPTANCE of the information provided in this section of our website.



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