The moment of pleasure has arrived: Delicacies for the enjoyment of the volcanic nature of Tenerife. Download the project App.

Every month, in small doses like all good things, we provide the most amazing hiking experiences on the island together with delicious delicacies (macaroons, doughnuts, chocolate figs, spicy biscuits, chocolate almonds, pastries stuffed with sweet potato, fritters….).

delicatesenA pioneering idea created in 2011 as a means of combining the island´s finest cuisine and best nature experiences. Hikes encompassing a mixture of nature, heritage, delicacies, gastronomy history, tradition, culture …See the Time-Lapse of the presentation vídeo for the Buenavista del Norte project ( 2013 season). In addition to our regular monthly activities we provide the different experiences a la carte for groups on the day of their choice. This is an El Cardon event with the special participation of El Aderno. Moreover, other institutions, companies and individuals have contributed over the years to turn DELICATESSEN Tenerife into the most amazing hiking experiences on the island: Turismo de Tenerife,  Fundación Tenerife Rural, the Town Councils of Los Silos, Buenavista del Norte, Santiago de Teide and Garachico, Centro de Iniciativas y Turismo de Garachico, Lunae TeatroFestival Internacional del Cuento de Los Silos, Hotel Vincci Seleccion BuenavistaHotel Rural Señorío del Valle, Hotel Rural La Quinta Roja, Parador Nacional del TeideBodegas Monje,EnoTenerife, EnoTourismOnline, Hermanas ContrerasCanarias Viaja, La Venta de Teno Alto, Vicente Zapata, Miguel Pérez Carballo, Pedro Millán del Rosario, Gabriel Santos, Juan Antonio Jorge Peraza and Carlos Velázquez García, among others. All these ingredients are bound to result in something good. See the presentation text  by Vicente Manuel Zapata Hernandez, Head Professor of Human Geography and Director of Cultural Tourism Classes at the University of La Laguna, read during the presentation of the 2nd edition of the project on Friday, 27 January 2012 at Bodegas Monje, el Sauzal, Tenerife.

Programming 2015

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