The Masca Canyon

General description

The Barranco de Masca is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular hiking activities you can do in Tenerife. It is a very tough activity, which begins with a short walk in the traditional hamlet, and then begins to descend the path through the Barranco de Masca ravine, which is about 10 km long (there and back).

After a steady descent, the path ends at a paradisiacal cove, surrounded by the Los Gigantes Cliffs, some 450 metres high. After a short rest, the return journey must be tackled, now in an ascending direction from level 0 to approximately 600 metres above sea level, where the farmhouse is located.

Note: At the moment the jetty at the beach is closed, so it is not possible to take the boat out.

Activity details

  • Price: 35 €
  • Children under 14: 20 €
  • Meeting place and time: Masca Square 10:05 am
  • Include: Guide, permits and insurance.
  • Distance: 10 km.
  • Duration and difficulty: About 6 h (Descent and ascent path) . Very High ***
  • You must bring: ID card or Passaport, mountain footwear with good pattern on the sole and hiking clothing, water (2 l) and picnic. In case of not wearing suitable footwear, the Visitor Center staff will not allow access to the canyon and the amount paid will not be refunded (sports shoes are NOT accepted).
  • We recomend to bring hiking poles,
  • How to get to Masca? There are very few car parks in the hamlet of Masca. It is advisable to use public transport to avoid losing your reservation and the amount you have paid. If you are coming from the north of the island, take TITSA bus 355 at 9:35 am from Buenavista del Norte. If you are coming from the south of the island, take the same bus at 9:15 am from Santiago del Teide. Both services have a very limited capacity so we recommend being at these stops well in advance.


  • This is an activity of very high difficulty and is therefore recommended only for people who practise hiking.
  • It is also not recommended for people with cardio-respiratory problems, children under 12 years of age and pregnant women.
  • The courtesy waiting time is 10 minutes. After the courtesy time, we start the route and the amount is not returned.
  • The approximate estimated time for the activity is 6.5 hours for the target client profile: people with experience in hiking and in good physical condition. If any person takes much longer and misses the public transport back to the point of origin, he/she will have to pay for the cost of private transport (taxi).
  • During the descent of the path, if the guide considers that a user has some kind of difficulty in completing the entire path, he may order them, for safety reasons, to return to the starting point. In this case, the guide will make sure that the user’s physical conditions are sufficient to guarantee the return and that they have water and food. This measure will also be coordinated by informing the control personnel of the ravine that is located at various points on the trail.
  • In the event that the closure of the ravine is decreed for reasons beyond our control (adverse weather conditions or other reasons):– If the closure takes place the days before the activity, we will contact the clients as soon as possible (via whatsapp and email) to propose an alternative date if possible or otherwise a refund will be made.

    -If the closure takes place on the same day of the activity, an alternative hiking tour in the Teno Rural Park will take place and the amount of the excursion will not be refunded.

Changes and cancellations: * With more than 48 hours notice: The change or cancellation will be free of charge and 100% of the fee charged will be refunded. In case of change, the new date will be selected within a maximum of one year. Only a maximum of two changes will be accepted. *With 48 hours notice: No changes are allowed, only cancellations. In case of cancellation, 50% of the charged fee will be refunded. *With 24 hours notice: No changes are allowed. In case of cancellation, nothing will be refunded* No refunds will be made in case of no-show at the time of booking without having previously requested a change or cancellation.

price from:

20 €


  • Duration

    6 h.

    10 km.
  • Difficulty

    Muy Alta / Very High
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