The Teno & Isla Baja volcano experience

Tenerife is one of the most spectacular volcanic regions on the planet. Our volcanic nature is present everywhere: in the birth of the island, its continuous transformation, the landscape, history, customs, beliefs, lifestyle and human activity. The island features countless places where you can view examples of this fascinating volcanic and geological history and how all this has had an influence on the transformation of this island. Furthermore, there is a particular spot where you can discover the most unique features of the island: Teno and Isla Baja.
This volcano experience aims to mirror this comprehensive vision in a tour around this highly unusual region of Tenerife. Old towns which were buried by the volcano, woods which populate the volcanoes, old volcanic land, new volcanic areas, human adaptations to the region …


  • Price:  € 250 up to 4 people. Additional person + € 30
  • Meeting place and time:  To be agreed upon
  • Includes:  Exclusive transport in a 9-seater van, a tour of Isla Baja and the Teno Rural Park, trips around old towns and rural villages, guide and insurance.
  • Maximum number of places available: 8
  • Booking: